How Can A Mouse Be Jumbo?

I suspect the most frequent question will be 'What's a Jumbo Mouse?' It's a rare beast that outdoes its size disadvantage by tackling big problems – one that's crafty, fast and fearless. 


Now that we've covered that ground, my name is Dave and I start tech companies. I joined this crazy startup game in 1991, and helped some of the biggest brands find their way to the wilds of the Internet. Huge media companies like The Discovery Channel and Rand McNally looked to us to become today's content providers, and newly funded startups were sent directly to us from Silicon Valley's biggest VCs. Yeah I rocked an MCI Mail account, and spent some killer time with companies run by today's icons like Bill Gross, Paul Allen and Mark Cuban.


In today's startup cycle, I've architected and built companies from the ground up, taken C-level positions as an equity partner, and covered the inner workings of the startup marketplace. I've helped fellow entrepreneurs take businesses out of their heads and into the market – and leveraged 20 years of technology experience to make virtually any idea smarter and tighter. And most importantly, I've doubled down on my own startups in 2011.


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