Damn, My Ears Are Happy: Girl Talk Drops ‘All Day’

I started seeing random tweets sometime after 2a last night, and woke up to the full-on realization that – to quote Ice Cube – today was a good day. Girl Talk, the stage name behind the guy I’d consider our generation’s most important mash-up DJ, has just released a brand new full-length album called ‘All Day’, which is available for free download (more on that later). And the album title about sums up how long I’ve had my Grado SR-60s strapped to my head… And wow, my boy Gregg Gillis has killed it again!

For the uninitiated, Girl Talk slams together music of many genres, but the backbeat is normally hip-hop and R&B classics from the last 10 years. He layers all kinds of crazy unexpected beats and riffs in and out of the music like you can’t imagine. For example, I’m listening to cut #6 (On and On) right now, and it begins with the guitar riff from Cream’s ‘Sunshine of Your Love’, the vocal is Biggie’s ‘Nasty Girl’, and there’s a little Doug E. Fresh-like ‘uh’ poppin’ in the background. And then the vocal blows by Ke$ha for 10 seconds and on to Lil’ Wayne. And then the music fades to New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’. And by 4:25 into the song, it’s Twista vocals over U2’s ‘With or Without You’. Sounds insane, but you gotta hear it for yourself.

The bottom line: this album is absolutely EPIC to listen to, and it gets better with every listen. But the question of copyright comes up every time Girl Talk releases a new album. In what might be the best artist description ever, The New York Times Magazine Girl Talk’s music “a lawsuit waiting to happen.” I’d guarantee that’s why Gregg gives it away – to keep himself well inside the white lines of Fair Use.

As an example of how utterly insane Girl Talk’s mixes get, I compiled this list for a 2008 blog post when Girl Talk’s last studio album ‘Feed The Animals’ was released. This is the sample list from one cut on the CD, ‘Hands In The Air’, and the video below gives you the final product.


Tag Team

'Whoomp! (There It Is)'


Big Country

'In a Big Country'





Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force

'Planet Rock'


The Cardigans



Hot Chip

'Ready For The Floor'


Flo Rida



The Velvet Underground

'Sunday Morning'


Justin Timberlake

'My Love'



'The Way I Are'


Yo Majesty

'Club Action'



'Music Sounds Better With You'



'Invisible Touch'


Michael Jackson

'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’'


Sly and the Family Stone

'Dance to the Music'


The Gap Band

'You Dropped a Bomb on Me'


Edgar Winter Band

'Free Ride'


So what the hell are you doing still reading this post? Go download Girl Talk’s ‘All Day’ and thank me later. Mash on!

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