SoundsGood 10: Charles Bradley’s ‘No Time for Dreaming’

If you were afraid true old school soul music was dead and gone, take a minute to shout AMEN with me! About a month ago, my late night TV was switched over to Carson Daly’s late night talk-n-tunes show Last Call. I (like most people I know) have a bit of a love/hate relationship with young Carson, but I’ve heard enough good music on the show over the years that I can put up with his goofy interviews. So imagine my surprise when he throws it to a cat named Charles Bradley who’s playing live from some concert joint in LA. I was GLUED to my TV at 1:45a!


It was like watching an old Al Green black & white clip, but the sound quality was of this century. His music has all the makings of the epic soul music of the 60s – pleading vocals, an always-on horn section, perfect harmonies from the female backup singers, and themes of love and social justice. I’m dead serious when I say it was the best stuff I’d heard since my favorite new-era blues dude Robert Cray. (Although the reverend Al’s Questlove-produced 2008 album ‘Lay It Down’ was pretty hot too and should be part of any soul music library.)


I was rather impressed with my self-control to wait until the following morning to jump on Amazon MP3 and buy the album. And it has remained a fixture in my playlist for far longer than the average purchase. I can easily listen to ‘No Time for Dreaming’ back-to-back while cranking on office work or mowing the lawn. It’s just that good, and if old school soul is your thing, drop what you’re doing now and click here. You can thank me later in the comments!


Enjoy the video below!

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