Number 1: Joe Hamm’s 'Online To Offline'

Our #1 video features Joe Hamm from Mobilization Labs, who was the organizer for Social Media Day Atlanta 2010 – or you may know him by his alternate title: Chief Ringleader. Joe reiterates the most important point of the whole evening: that in-person relationships are the Gold Standard. Social media can be a great way to find like-mined people and keep up with all the latest trends, but nothing will ever replace an hour-long mentoring session between entrepreneurs or a great dinner among friends. Using technology as an enabler to human communication is perhaps the best application of the beast. <Step down from soapbox.>

And to proactively diffuse all the buzzword monitors, yes I know the word ‘Transparency’ appeared nowhere in the Top 11 list. Maybe that’s proof we’re past the buzziest of words, and phrases like ‘ROI’ and ‘metrics’ are on their way into vogue. Here's our complete coverage of the event:

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Number 10: Engage

Number 9: Have A Voice

Number 8: Authentic

Number 7: Stakeholders

Number 6: Vision

Number 5: Buzz

Number 4: Word Of Mouth

Number 3: Optimize

Number 2: Less Hardcore Dance-y Stuff

Enjoy the video interview below:

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