An Audience With The Godfather

Sig Mosley (left) and John Imlay (right) Sig Mosley (left) and John Imlay (right)

I normally don’t preview my Drinks On Fifth interview series, but I spent a very cool hour today with an Atlanta legend: Sig Mosley of Imlay Investments. During the first couple days of this week I was thinking it was historical lesson time – especially given there’s only about two and half weeks of new deals left for Sig and crew. We’d run through Sig’s impressive book of business (120 companies funded over 20 years), and glean some great lessons for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

And then news broke that Imlay had joined another investment round with eRollover (although the printed details turned out to be a bit sketchy). And come to find out, he’s got at least two – maybe three – more bullets in the chamber before his self-imposed deadline of August 1. In addition, he believes it’s going to take something on the order of eight years to bring the whole portfolio to fruition. So yeah, the word ‘retirement’ isn’t really in Sig’s vocabulary quite yet.

We covered a ton of topics including: the MSA days and when they bought Peachtree Software instead of Microsoft; how much capital it takes to get a product or service to market; why B2C dies on the vine in Atlanta; how Lance Weatherby became his personal webmaster; the Angel Tax Credit; and who will take over the Sig role.

We’ll roll out Act I of our Drinks On Fifth interview this Friday, so stay tuned.

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