Drinks On Fifth: Sig Mosley, Act I

If you’re talking about who’s made the biggest impact in the Atlanta’s technology community, Sig Mosley and Imlay Investments are likely the best bet. Sig’s done about 120 deals since they launched in 1990, so clearly he’s got some serious expertise in the startup game. Over the years, he's absolutely earned his local reputation as 'the unwitting Godfather of Atlanta angel investing'.

First off, Sig sets the record straight on the recent eRollover deal, and tells us he’s got 3-5 more bullets in the chamber before they stop doing first-round investments on August 31. We also talked at-length about the role of tech incubators, and how the SaaS model has changed the dynamic of building a revenue base (hint: it takes a lot of $79/month customers to equal one $250,000 licensing deal).

Stay tuned for Monday’s Act II where we’ll cover Sig’s favorite investment partners, why Atlanta B2C companies can’t raise money and the great Sig urban legends.

(Watch: Part Two | Part Three)

Enjoy Act I of the video interview below:

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