TiE Entrepreneur Summit: Inside The Mind Of A VC

In addition to a great networking event, the TiE Entrepreneurial Summit over the weekend featured some great panels – including ‘A Southeastern Perspective on Venture Capital Investments’ featuring Glenn McGonnigle of TechOperators, Fred Sturgis of H.I.G Ventures and Jeff Muir of Fulcrum Ventures. In addition to the standard ‘how we think about deals’ topics, there was a lot of discussion about creating a startup in Atlanta.

While everyone recognized the city’s strengths (airport, good talent pool, low cost of living, etc.) Glenn had perhaps the most interesting take: “Being an entrepreneur is a risky investment … If you have a high probability it’s going to flame out, don’t you want to flame out in a city you like?” He was also quick to point out that Atlanta has a strong history of being able to start and exit tech companies, even if we’re not on the same scale as Silicon Valley.

Fred Sturgis also pointed out two very clear advantages to forming a startup here versus the West Coast: 1) more loyalty among key team players (both in recruiting and retention); and a lower overall cost basis. Enjoy the video below:

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