Cloud Storage Levels Up: SolidFire Building 100x Performance At A Tenth The Cost

As hot as the ScoutMob and Regator kids are on the B2C side of the world, one of the most anticipated B2B launches on the horizon is Dave Wright’s latest venture, SolidFire. Dave has a deep track record in the startup world, including selling JungleDisk to RackSpace in 2008 and being a core part of the IGN team during the News Corp. acquisition of 2005. So if great things happen in threes, I’m supposing 2011’s going to be one hell of a year for SolidFire.

SolidFire is busy at-work building out the final touches on software that significantly impacts the way web-hosting and cloud computing providers manage the storage aspects of their data centers by replacing traditional spinning hard drives with solid state drives. Dave tells us SolidFire is targeting a system that delivers 100x the performance at 10% of the cost. That should be a pretty easy decision for providers – especially given they know exactly how much their customer is willing to pay, and being able to deliver a quantum leap in performance for 10% of the cost is a nice boost to the bottom line.

Enjoy the video interview below:

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An Atlanta's serial entrepreneur who could easily be the great angel investor we need in a few years. He's building great stuff.
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