Scott Burkett And StartupLounge: Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Go

If there’s one guy who epitomizes the startup life, it’s Scott Burkett. He carves enough hours to kill his day job (COO of StarPound), mentor entrepreneurs and connect them with investors via StartupLounge, and take on the occasional social injustice in the case of the Roberts Family from Lithonia, GA. And he pulls it off with insane energy and a wicked sense of humor. But guess what? He’s human (gasp!), and has found his own personal maximum. As a result, Scott is passing his StartupLounge torch to Josh Watts. He’ll be missed sorely, but our entire town is better for the effort he’s given over the last five years.

The great news is StartupLounge will continue unabated under the watchful eye of the other half of the original dream team: Mike Blake. Together, these two guys have filled a huge gap over in connecting investors to entrepreneurs, and providing hands-on startup instruction through PitchCamp and Startup Seminars. And the 40-something episodes of the StartupLounge podcast should be required listening for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

You can read Scott’s entire Passing the Torch blog post for all the gory details, but suffice to say he’s stepping aside for the perfect two reasons: StarPound is rocketship, and he likes eating dinner with his family. It’s great to see someone discover his or her own boundaries and have the courage to jettison things that create too much diversion – no matter how fun it is, or how good you are at it. There’s a clear lesson for every entrepreneur right there in Scott’s actions.

So thanks to Scott for all his efforts, and know we’ll be rooting for StarPound. He is truly The Man, and we should all ask ourselves how our contributions to the startup ecosystem stack up against Scott’s. We’re not all going to start an organization like StartupLounge, but what are you doing to make things better?


0 # Feb0zdou1 2010-08-20 14:17
I cannot see or even hear the name Scott Burkett without associating it with the screamingly funny WiFi Cat pitch he delivered at Startup Riot 2009!

Thanks, Scott.
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0 # David Carroll 2010-08-20 14:23
Scott and Mike have served the Atlanta Start Up Community in ways that will never pay the dividends they deserve. As an entrepreneur, I have much appreciation and respect for the time and selfless efforts they've committed to helping others. Hats off to Scott for knowing his limits. It's a healthy lesson for all of us to learn. I'm glad to see Mike will continue carrying the torch alongside Josh Watts.

Also, Dave Walters, I've not had a chance to meet you. However, I truly enjoy your posts and appreciate you and TechDrawl being a conduit of information regarding all things Startup in the South East. Keep up the great work guys.

David Carroll, Founder Dude (a.k.a. CEO) Corporation
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0 # GFRRTDEFF 2010-08-21 03:25
David: Thanks for the kudos. It's an easy gig when I can write good things about great people like Scott. Drop me a line next time you're intown, and let's connect for lunch.
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