Now Is The Time: Vote No On Amendment One!

It’s been amazing to watch what a single comment on TechDrawl by Paul Freet has turned into since August 7. From a personal standpoint, the minute I read that DLA Piper alert, I smelled a railroading of the public coming. I’ve covered many of the negative impacts to entrepreneurs and startups over the last three months (see below), but I’m going back to the genesis of this fraud for my final post: the absurd verbiage that’s appearing on ballots across our state this Tuesday.

How broken is our system when language like this can be viewed as not leading?

"Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to make Georgia more economically competitive by authorizing legislation to uphold reasonable competitive agreements?"

I can outline two specific arguments based on deconstructing these fraudulent 23 words. Firstly, the use of the word ‘reasonable’ here is utterly ridiculous. How could the average voter understand what is or is not reasonable without doing serious research before entering the voting booth? And I’ve heard very few non-paid voices that would call this amendment reasonable. Secondly, there is absolutely zero evidence this would “make Georgia more economically competitive.” At the risk of being repetitive, I’ll once again link to the Harvard study that completely debunks this theory. Are we really going to believe some crack lobbyist organization over Harvard University?

And while I’m in the question-asking mood, I’d really love to know why the Amendment's sponsor Rep. Kevin Levitas qualified for – but then decided against – running for a third term this November. (Another random Democrat is again running unopposed in House District 82 in DeKalb County.) As it turns out, Levitas is trying to leave us with the worst parting gift ever in Amendment One – while his second most popular industry for contributions just happened to be ‘lawyers and lobbyists’ in the last election cycle. According to the AJC, he “has been pushing for years a constitutional amendment” to increase the bite of non-compete clauses in Georgia. The most cynical among us (me included) might think the Representative thinks he’s done all he can on the topic, so it’s back to the private sector.

Let’s all prove him wrong. Vote NO on Amendment One this Tuesday!

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Allow enforcement of contracts that restrict competition yay:66.2% nay:33.8%

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