Less Plates, More Flipcha: The Moment Every Startup Eventually Faces

While every entrepreneur is an individual, it’s a solid generalization to say we all thrive on turning chaos into an opportunity. It’s an instinct that is seldom limited to solving one problem. Some like to call this serial and parallel entrepreneurism, others prefer side projects. The funny thing is this crazy, plate-spinning lifestyle is not only self-imposed, it’s the method behind the madness of evolving a set of radical ideas into a great company. But once you reach the moment of true potential (I endorse using Paul Freet’s “dimmer switch” first), it’s time to take a leap of faith, chart the course and burn the ships when you reach shore. As I see it, every startup eventually needs your total focus and commitment to succeed.

For us, the time is now and our new company is called Flipcha.

Many of our regular readers heard about our stealth startup last fall, but details have been purposely vague while our team was heads-down in build mode. That’s certainly not going to change with this post, but, in short, Flipcha allows sellers to ‘geo-jack’ consumer traffic at any location to (re)sell their items to like-minded buyers. More details will become apparent as we move into private beta, but our EVIL PLAN is to kick commerce in the head! As you can tell, we’re absolutely having some fun on our journey…

And with that, I’m announcing this will be my final post. It’s time. The match is lit.

So what does this mean to TechDrawl? The answer is TechDrawl will undergo one final redesign to become a blog solely written by Ben Dyer. I have it on good authority that Ben’s new TechDrawl (look for a DNS swap next week before SXSW) will seek to channel the work of Fred Wilson in content themes and frequency. I’ll leave the rest for surprise, but know Ben is one hell of an interesting man. I’ll plan on reading him daily! As for my writing, I’ll continue blogging at my new personal site, and we’ll also stand-up a Flipcha blog at the appropriate time. I’ve always been a fan of how Ben Chestnut and the MailChimp crew run their company blog, so look for something equally informative and fun.

Overall, the last 14 months of being the Executive Editor of TechDrawl has been a blast. Digging back into my journalistic roots to produce daily (or weekly of late) content, interviewing our region’s most interesting personalities and helping local startups get noticed has been a labor of love (a tradition started by Celia). And although we weren’t successful in blocking the legislation, I remain proud of how much dialog we created around Georgia’s Amendment One (which still needs to die!). But the best accomplishment was your increased readership. We saw traffic growth of almost 3x during 2010, so thank you for rewarding us with your attention.

This is not to say everything was easy. A few of my private battles weren’t so private, but in the end I move forward knowing I won way more than I lost (including some epic Words With Friends battles with some of the startup scene's finest). And that’s what it’s all about boys and girls – showing-up to get the job done. You win the moment you enter the arena to fight. Of all my TechDrawl posts, here are four (because three and five are what’s expected) that caused plenty of dust in my face.  These are the ones I hope you remember:

1)   Bootstrapping Is A False Prophet

2)   Hubba, Hubba, Hubba! Money, Money, Money! Who Do You Trust?

3)   Angels Or Posers: Who’s Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

4)   So Begins The Golden Age Of Consumer-Focused Startups

Given Ben’s planning on a more national focus, my final TechDrawl act is to recommend reading Atlanta’s own larger-than-life blogger Lance Weatherby. He’s proven to be a Real American – the Hulk Hogan of the local startup scene – and consistently delivers one of my favorite blogs to read. (For those of you playing at home, I get 20 points for finally incorporating my favorite picture of Lance.)


So adios TechDrawl, and hello Flipcha. As the four of us (Heath, Randy, Ben & I) transition from stealth to full-time startup, I’ll continue to attend events around town, just not with a video crew or a press pass. Or as the actor in that movie George Clooney directed says, “Good night, and good luck.”

This post was brought to you by Flipcha...

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