Just Ask Balsamiq: Life's Too Short For Bad Software

For anyone who thinks hot startups only come from the US, we recently interviewed the founder of Balsamiq Peldi Guilizzoni. Beyond having a great story on how he transitioned from Adobe exec to startup founder, Peldi has built a company that literally hit the ground running. Following their launch in June 2008, Balsamiq booked more than $160K in revenue before the end of that year with zero outside investments. And according to numbers shared at LessConf, revenues are now above $2M and Balsamiq continues on a rocket pace.

Their flagship product Balsamiq Mockups is a collaboration tool allowing designers and business types to quickly iterate on user interfaces and wireframes very early in the development process – when changes create the least amount of drama. Interestingly enough, the Mockups output is purposefully “rough and low fidelity” to encourage maximum feedback without anyone calling someone else’s baby ugly. It’s an ingenious approach to an ever-present (but rarely discussed) phase of any product development process.

And beyond great software, Peldi and the Balsamiq team are active bloggers on many topics, including “Tools We Use For Running Our Startup” and year-end reports like “A Look Back At 2009” – great insights if you’re running your own startup. Enjoy the video interview below:

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