Stick A Fork In It: My Final Thought On LessConf 3010

We’re now officially one week past the opening of LessConf 3010, and it’s been a blast. Not only was the conference amazing, but the new contacts and conversations going on this week have been full-tilt. I think Saul Colt summed it up best in a tweet: “It is pretty amazing that a week after the conference is over the #lessconf hashtag is still alive and strong. Great example of community!” You know, forget he said that four days afterwards – I guess the Smartest Man in the World can call a four-day week if he wants…

On a more serious note, I do think we should all consider deeply the dynamic created by LessConf. Beyond the fun and casualness of the event, it attracted more than 250 of the best and brightest minds to Atlanta from all over the world. I ask two simple questions: 1) Why aren’t there more conferences like this regardless of where they’re hosted?; and 2) Why were there less than 20 people there from Atlanta? I believe it’s high time we think more broadly about our startup dreams and aspirations. Go immerse yourself in the smartest group of people you can find – and it’s probably 250% better if you don’t know a single person in the room. Blow up the cliques, drag yourself to a conference on a Saturday and challenge your thinking harder than you ever have. That type of critical focus will improve everything about your business, regardless of where you are in the cycle. And for those who attended, let's harness the energy and use it for good. How do we make each of our back yards a better place to launch businesses? And make no mistake, guys like Allan and Steve are laying the tracks for the South to be the next startup epicenter.

The final question we asked  attendees is “What do you need less of?” If we asked that question going into the Memorial Day weekend, a valid answer could be “Less coverage of LessConf.” But we had fun attending and bringing you all the interviews. In case you want to rewatch any of our videos, here’s the entire library from this week:

On a final note, I'd suggest everyone take the Less Everything cue to relax and have fun. Cut a button loose, and go kill what you do everyday. So until next year, enjoy our final video interview below:

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