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When we ‘exit interviewed’ Stammy as he took off for San Fran, he had a pretty solid idea what he wanted to do: a mixed bag of startup stuff ranging from coding to business development to product management – kind of like his first run at starting Skribit. And guess where he landed? Right back in the two-man co-founder game with Chad Etzel at Notifo. And guess where Chad went to school? Yep, another Georgia Tech dude flown west. Notifo recently finished up the Winter 2010 class of Y Combinator, and is off-and-running in a garage in Menlo Park, CA. With both the YC seed round and a newly inked angel round in the bank, the guys are set-up for a solid run in the mobile notifications space. Today’s product runs on the iPhone only, and handles mobile notifications for companies not wanting to dive fully into the mobile app…
I was reading Sanjay Parekh’s blog yesterday, and it equal parts inspired and scared me. The scary part first: if a guy like Sanjay can’t get down with Georgia’s Angel Tax Credit bill, what’s really going on here (short of him just being contrarian)? I’ll leave the mathematical debates to Sanjay and Ben Dyer as I’m convinced the numbers could be twisted to tell whatever story you want. Where I’ll absolutely agree is in questioning the funding sources. If the theory of an Angel Tax Credit that pays dividends to rich people in 2013 takes resources away from someone in need today, that’s disgusting. Even if it’s only $52… On the other hand, you’ve got Knox Massey who’s been part of a team working tirelessly for 5+ years who believe this tax credit will be a tipping point to get more investment in the state of Georgia. So the logical…
If you’re in money-raising mode (and unless you’re Chris Klaus, you probably should be), the mother of all events is on the horizon. In its short existence, Venture Atlanta has racked-up one very serious statistic: participating companies have raised $50 million since 2008. For that reason alone, you should jump on the recently opened application process for the October 12-13 event. Organizers will choose up to 20 on-stage presenters and an additional 25 to participate in tradeshow-style displays, so tune-up your two page summaries and apply today. Enjoy the video interview with Venture Atlanta executive director Allyson Eman below:
Most people don’t worry too much about sending their kid’s picture to grandma via Hotmail, but sending patient information – and complying with the nest of HIPPA regulations – is a whole different ballgame. And their ultra-secure email product BunkerMail is only one manifestation of GlobalCrypto’s security business. CEO Todd Merrill formed the company in 2007 to bring cryptography-based security to the masses. We’re not going to get into all the technical details here, but imagine an entirely secure web experience powered by simply choosing an image that contains a cryptographic key. Todd shares his thoughts on fundraising in Georgia and the state of capital overall. Enjoy the video below:
Monday, 14 June 2010 20:01

It's Good To Be The King Of VoAPPs

Written by Dave Walters
With tons of startups chasing emerging business opportunities like location-based services and social media analytics, it’s interesting to watch the plain old voice technology industry get a dusting-off. And beyond the big boy services like Google Voice and scrappy API-based startups like Twilio, there’s an entire layer of folks looking to make your phone easier to wrangle – and that’s where VoAPPS comes in. Their primary service DirectDROP voicemail launched about six weeks ago, and allows entities like pharmacies and political campaigns to bypass ringing a user’s phone and drops message straight to voicemail. Enjoy the video below:
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