A Microsoft Guy With A Pre-Release Phone Walks Into A Bar...

We recently caught up with Glen Gordon of Microsoft to hear about their WebsiteSpark and BizSpark developer programs. Both programs provide free Microsoft tools to professional web developers and designers (WebsiteSpark) and early-stage startups (BizSpark). Glen is based here in Atlanta, and can be found about town supporting the startup community in lots of ways.

Definitely the coolest device Glen had on his person was the upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset (launch date is reported as Holiday 2010). We couldn’t shoot video of the phone, but it looked pretty hot during a quick overview. The UI looked every bit as clean and usable as the latest generation of Android phones, so we’ll look forward to more hands-on time in the coming months. And to answer the question: no, Glen wouldn’t leave the phone in the bar for us to ‘pick up’.

We may not have broken the handset story wide open like our friends at Gizmodo, but every startup should be so lucky to find Glen at the bar. Enjoy the video below:

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