Microsoft Hearts Developers With WebsiteSpark

Larry Gregory of Microsoft stopped by recently with Tom Leonard from CentricSites to talk about the WebsiteSpark program. Leonard runs a small application development shop focused on sales force automation. By employing the suite of .NET products, CentricSites manages nationwide (and international) sales force products that deliver leads, track sales and provide individual vanity pages for each sales rep.

Leonard described Microsoft's WebsiteSpark program as the ultimate 'sponsor' in his appdev world. "We could be the greatest technologists around, but without those tools (Visual Studio, SQL Server, etc.) we're never going to get there," says Leonard. "I think of it as being a race car driver. You can be the world's greatest race car driver, but if no one's going to sponsor your car you're going to be watching the race from the stands with the rest of the fans."

Microsoft WebsiteSpark includes Visual Studio Professional Expression Studio 3 (1 user); Expression Web 3 (up to 2 users); Windows Web Server 2008 R2; and SQL Server 2008 Web Edition, and is available free of charge to application developers.

Learn more in the video below.

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