Georgia Tech BrainLab: Controlling The Outside World With Brain Signals

As we wrap-up our TEDxAtlanta coverage, I spoke with Melody Moore Jackson from the Georgia Tech BrainLab. The BrianLab’s area of focus is direct brain interfaces that allow locked-in patients (full paralysis and unable to speak) to communicate with their caregivers using only brain waves. Melody gave the attendees a deep look at how they’ve pioneered the use of infrared light to see into specific areas of the brain, and map the electrical signals to the answers Yes and No. She also showed a video of one of her researchers controlling his wheelchair completely via brain waves. Literally amazing work!

Stay tuned for a future story on Melody and the entire BrainLab team. The breakthroughs they’re creating definitely warrant a deeper look inside with the full TechDrawl video crew.

And we’ll certainly be covering the final TEDxAtlanta 2010 event this fall. Enjoy our video interview below:

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0 # Feb0zdou1 2010-05-24 15:33
Awesome project. Any overlap with this possible city spinal cord research center and Ross Mason's HENRI labs work

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