Turning The Beast Inside Out

With the launch of the new JumboMouse Labs site, I've decided to kick-off a new content category: Unplugged. Having been 100% immersed in startups for more than five years this time around (with another 5-6 preceding the last bubble), I've seen and done a ton of ideation and company building. And while creating the two latest ventures for JumboMouse, it occurred to me that sharing the inner workings of the process could be beneficial for others.


So here we go. I'm planning to force myself to share all that's genius and all that's painful. The things every entrepreneur should think about – and the pitfalls to avoid. I'm not going to filter my content by anything other than my own reality. So apologies in advance for a few rants I'm sure will surface, but I hope it's more productive for most of my readers.


My first post on the topic will focus on the process I use for naming a company – including both the theories and the tools I use to get to the finish line. It's part gut, part science and a good old bulk domain lookup tool, so stay tuned later this week. 

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