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On paper, the Tech Transfer section of the site is about pointing killer products at the right markets so they can shine. But this week's going-away festivities for Stammy proved an exceptional mind can disprove the best of theories. In what is sure to become one of the best tech transfers the South has made to the West Coast, we're equal parts sad and happy to be passing one of Atlanta's tech superstars to San Francisco. We (exit) interviewed Paul Stamatiou on his last day in Georgia to discover why he is moving and to hear his thoughts on the future. We then rolled over to Strongbox West to capture the community's goodbye wisdom at a 'special edition' of Startup Drinks. Enjoy the video!

As this post goes live, Stammy and his travel buddy Krystyl Baldwin (@Krystyl) will be somewhere between Texas and California. It looks to be the classic National Lampoon roadtrip as seen in a recent tweet from Krystyl. Happy trails...

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